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It’s Postgres all the way! From being one of the most advanced open source databases to having an ever-expanding community of users, Postgres is turning into a growing preference amongst many organizations, globally. Catch the most Postgres-exclusive event of 2017 - Postgres Vision 2017 in Boston, MA from 26th – 28th June 2017.

Postgres Vision draws the sharpest minds in open source and is a renowned event driven by thought leadership, actionable insights in the data space and strategic values of digital transformation initiatives. This is your chance to collaborate and network with the brightest companies defining the future of enterprise Postgres and open source data management. More about Postgres Vision 2017

And now, you can avail a straight $200 discount on your ticket to Postgres Vision. Just enter your details and play this Postgres based quiz. And you’ll stand eligible to receive a ‘discount code’, in your email inbox!

Postgres Play rules!

  1. You have 10 minutes once you start the quiz. At the end of 10 minutes, your answers are saved and submission is automatically done.
  2. You must answer all 10 Questions in multiple choice format.
  3. If you leave questions unanswered and want to revisit the question you may click the yellow "revisit" button and access later if time permits – within the allotted 10 minutes.
  4. Click the submit button, once done. Post submission, you cannot change the answers.
  5. Post submission, you will receive an email notifying your score plus a unique ‘discount code’ along with the link to register for Postgres Vision 2017. Kindly use the unique code while registering to avail the discount of $200 on your ticket.

Good luck! Play the quiz and we look forward to seeing you at the event!

This quiz is designed by Ashnik exclusively for Postgres Vision 2017. Copyrights reserved.

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